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14 January 2020

Microsoft ends Windows 7 support

Windows 7 ends support

Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7 this week. Microsoft have been recommending users to upgrade to a more modern operation system for 10 years. After today Windows 7 users will still be able to continue to use Windows 7, but they wouldn’t receive security updates anymore.

This means that Microsoft will no longer try to fix the exploits their operation system, therefore Windows 7 will be at greater risk for viruses and malware.

Windows 7 is still a very popular operation system, even after 10 years roughly 26% of windows users have Windows 7.

12 January 2020

GTA IV no longer on Steam

GTA 4 on steam

It is no longer possible to buy GTA 4 on steam or in the Rockstar-Shop for some unknown reason. People who have bought the game can still install and play the game, it is also still possible to buy the […]

9 January 2020

New design!

Scriptweblog's new design

The new custom WordPress design is here! Much sooner than expected. The design is based on the “Massively” site template from, I’ve converted it to a WordPress theme, I’ve also added a cool Perlin noise background that slowly moves, […]

8 January 2020

Firefox 72 and it’s exploit.

Firefox logo banner

Mozilla Firefox 72 was released yesterday. The update gave users the capability of blocking fingerprinting, certain websites looked at the resolution of the screen, the version of your operation system and other variables to determine who the visitor was. Since […]

3 January 2020

The to-do list for this website.


Having a good website is very important, a website is often the very first time that people are introduced to your skills as a programmer, it is the picture that people have of you, therefore it is absolutely crucial that […]

31 December 2019

Brand new website!

Studying for college

As a Christmas present to myself I bought this website (, I’ve been wanted to buy this domain name for a very long time (at least 10+ years). The goal of this website is to have a blog were I […]