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16 July 2020

Notepad++ 7.8.9

Version 7.8.9 of Notepad++ is now available. This open source text editor has all kinds of useful features, like syntax highlighting for all kinds of programming/scripting languages, it support tabbed editing, which allows you to edit multiple files simultaneously. It takes a week before the build-in updater will automatically update your Notepad++ to this version, but you can also manually update now to the latest version. The latest version fixes a bunch of things, you can see the full changelog here.

I’ve used Notepad++ extensively during the development of this website. If you are a programmer or often work with code I strongly recommend you to use Notepad++.

13 July 2020

Flight Simulator gets released on 18 august

We have a release date for the new Flight Simulator! The new Flight Simulator will get released on 18 august, the standard edition is now available for pre-order for €70 and has 20 aircraft and 30 airports. The deluxe version […]

26 June 2020

Steam Summer Sales

The Steam summer sales has started yesterday. (Forgot to make a post about it.) Most games in the Steam store now have serious discounts (ranging generally from 10% to 75%). The discounts will last until 9 July. There is also […]

11 June 2020

Facebook hacked Tails

Facebook payed more than 100 000 dollar to an unknown security company to develop a zero-day exploit to aid the FBI in catching a child predator and succeeded in catching him. It is unknown which exploit Facebook used, the exploit […]

29 May 2020

HP Reverb G2 revealed

The HP Reverb G2 is an upcoming VR headset, it was announced end March, and will be made in collaboration with Microsoft and Valve. That and a picture of the product was the only thing we knew until today. Today […]

13 May 2020

Unreal Engine 5 revealed

Epic Games has just revealed a trailer for their next Unreal Engine. Their 2 main new features are Nanite and Lumen. They also made some changes to their audio system and to their fluid simulation. With Nanite game developers can […]

12 May 2020

Bitcoin halving


Bitcoin has just been halved, which means that the rate at which new Bitcoins are created is now half of what it used to be. The halving of Bitcoin is an event that took place Monday evening through the mining […]